MDG Impex Pvt. LTd  Infrastructure


Our name is among the topmost exporters of Henna Mehandi and hair care and color products and this is completely because of our advanced infrastructural unit that generated optimal production capacity. We have set-up a high-tech infrastructural unit, which extends across an expansive area. All our equipments used in the manufacturing process for processing, grinding, blending, packaging and storing of our range of products are most up-to-date and most resourceful. This enables us to create an extremely qualitative product collection.

Furthermore, we make use of the state-of-art infrastructure for testing our product on various aspects of quality. In addition, temperature control systems are being installed in our plant and environment is completely free from bacteria and moisture-proof. Moreover, our packaging unit strives to pack the products using material which is free from moisture and keeps the quality, fragrance and color of the products intact. By making use of such infrastructure, we are able to craft the products which are on par with the quality norms laid down at both the national and international level. We make sure that each and every product must generate highly positive results which are beyond your expectations. We are equipped with sophisticated facilities that make it possible for us to meet the bulk orders made by our customers. Due to this, our clients span across India and the rest of the world.

Production Units-We have 1 production units by means of which all our products are created

Production Capacity-Production capacity of our production units is 600 tons per month.

Manpower-We have recruited around 50 employees in our manpower for carrying out our diversified line of operation sranging from product manufacturing to product packaging to quality testing to marketing and the rest.

Product  Packaging

We very well identify with the significance of packaging in our complete line of products. A quality packaged product is properly stored, safeguarded, remains fresh and efficient and ensures convenient handling. That’s why, we bring to use packaging material of an excellent grade that not only lends protection to the products from external contamination, but also preserves the freshness and effectiveness. Our perfectly incorporated filling and packing division looks after the packaging of our full range of products under hygienic conditions.

Our MDG Natural Henna Powder is available in a pack of 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg,5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg

MDG Black Henna is available in packing of 10g, 30g, 100g.

MDG Burgundy Henna is offered in 30g, 50g, 100g,200g,

The MDG Herbal Natural Henna is packed by us different sizes of 15g, 28g, 40g, 55g, 250g and cans of 400g, 500g and 1kg.

Our MDG Herbal Henna in black color comes in packs of 30g and 18g and in burgundy color comes in packs of 30g and 100g.

MDG Herbal Henna is available in fabric bags of sizes 250g, 500g and 1kg, pouch packing of 6g, 15g, 25g, 50g, 250g, 500g and 1kg, canvas bag of 5kg.

Natural MDG Instant Herbal Henna Cone & Tube is offered in 20g and 30g packing. MDG Mehandi Oil comes in packing of 50g and 100g.

Future R & D 

We have a special division of Research and Development (R&D) unit which is in-charge of the development of products that are effective and of high grade completely catering to the needs of our consumers. Its job is to figure out what the customers expect from us and offer them the products which will fulfill all their expectations. In addition, our R&D unit is engaged in doing Research on the most modern techniques and procedures in order to upgrade the collection of products along with maintaining quality. We take into account the current developments in the market and adopt latest methodologies and qualitative raw material so as to enhance our equation with our clients by satisfying their valuable requirements.

Our organization is equipped with an expert panel of researchers who are engrossed in developing new and novel concepts through their meticulous research work. They are continually instrumental in generating cutting-edge concepts that puts forward pioneering characteristics in our products. Our range of products undergoes a thorough principal research and sequence of experimental trials prior to introducing them to our customers in the market. Our variety of exceptional products is backed by the comprehensive knowledge of our research team, years of practice in the domain and ground-breaking technology. Our all-round research efforts permit us to add those products in our series that have tremendous caring properties and are more effectual.