Export of MDG Henna Product 

We have been successful in establishing a sound international market base beyond the national boundaries. Our full spectrum of henna mehandi and hair care products are widely approved and accepted in Far East Asian nations such as Indonesia,Bahrain ,Kuwait, Oman,Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, China, Russia Sudan,Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Seriya, Libya, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Thailand, Tunisia, Morocco Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Korea as well as the entire South East Asia. We also export top-notch quality hand color and hair color items to the quality conscious markets of Canada, USA and Europe, predominantly Western Europe. Moreover, the demand for our products is very huge in the Middle East country.Senegal, African countries like Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, and Mauritius also acclaim the products exported by us. Moreover, our products are also popular in Australia, Fiji Islands and New Zealand.

Our aim is to successfully export good quality products at competitive prices so as to satisfy our clients in the international market. In fact, we strive to understand the unique requirements for quality and packaging in each of our specific geographical market along with their trading structures and formulate and supply our products accordingly.