MDG impex Pvt. Ltd


The success of our company banks upon our strong relationship with our distributors extending over the national as well as international markets. At present, our distributors’ network exceeds over 400 distributors throughout the world. Our organization is persistently committed towards developing its network along with reaching out to masses by means of our strong-willed distributors. We make an effort to capture all market segments by building and retaining stimulating association with our distributors through dynamic support and world-class products.

Our existing distributors aim to keep on marketing and delivering our top-notch quality products that are extensively esteemed. We constantly endeavour to widen our network of distributors and always encourage people to associate with us, so as to continue the business in a supportive manner. So, if you want to be on our board of distributors, fill in the form below and we will contact you soon.

Terms & Conditions:  

I WE hereby to provide infrastructure and other operational facility in full conformity to the standard of company.

I we are agreed to allow company authorized personnel to inspect our book of accounts and stock

No claim be made by distributor unless it is in writing form H.Q.

No Cash transaction in any operation.If distributor does that than he will do it on his/her own risk.Company will not be held responsible for the same

All circular and schemes will be intimated form time to time through head office.

Distributors are responsible for giving closing stock month-to-month basis.

All subjects to Mumbai jurisdiction only.


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  TIN No: C.S.T No:  
  Godown Shop Is Under Ship/Rental: No. Of Staff Working:  
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